Health and safety precautions of online classes

Before a child can take part in an online class by Dance Dedication you must confirm that they will be doing this in a safe space and under appropriate supervision.

Please read the statements and answer all the questions

    Health and safety precautions of live online classes

    1. There is a minimum of 2mSq of floor space and a minimum 2 metre clearance from floor to ceiling
    per participant int he room upon which they are undertaking the dance class.

    2. There is no glass, china or other breakable material that may lead to injury in the room in which they
    are undertaking the dance class for the duration of the dance class.

    3. For any participant under 16, an appropriate adult (parent/carer aged 18+) must be present in the
    room at the same time. Please make sure that it is only the student in sight of the video screen, so
    that we can clearly see the student and nobody else. If we see anyone else in the shot we may need
    to terminate the students participation. The only time where it is acceptable to have a parent in view
    is when it has been agreed with the teacher- e.g. joining in to encourage younger child to follow
    instructions e.g. in Minis or pre-primary class.

    4. If the participate is unable to follow the teachers instructions they should cease the class
    immediately until it is possible to ask the instructor for further guidance.

    5. There should be a maximum of 2 participants undertaking the dance class in the room at any one
    time (or 2 participants plus one supervising adult).

    6.Tap classes - If you have a floor that is easily damaged I recommend you/your child goes barefoot
    for tap or wears a different pair of shoes. Please ensure these shoes are secure on the foot.

    7. Make sure your floor surface is suitable and you have asked the house owners permission to dance.
    Please also make sure the surface is not slippery.

    8. Your child must be wearing the correct uniform for their dance class. There are various reasons for
    this. The correct attire means safe dance practice- wearing unsuitable clothing could distract the
    pupil and result in injury. Wearing dance uniform also makes you feel the part and therefore you are
    more likely to dance the part.

    9. When taking part in a live online class please join the class at the correct time. Late participants will
    not be accepted into the class due to health and safety reasons. Missing out on the warm up can
    result in injury and also means you will not be focused for the rest of the class.

    Important when participating in online live classes

    1. The teacher may conduct classes with Video’s ON or Video’s OFF and similarly with Microphones
    ON or OFF. With videos ON the teacher and pupils will be able to see each other. If a parent decides
    that they do not wish their child’s video to be on, and therefore not visible to the teacher or to the
    others in the class, they may elect to turn their child’s video off themselves. If you keep your child’s
    Video ‘ON’ please ensure that the background is clear and free from display of sensitive information.
    A parent may also select to turn their child’s microphone ‘OFF’, so that their child cannot be heard by
    the teacher or the rest of the class.

    2. This technology requires the use of a webcam, so we recommend that you have good computer
    security software installed. A good security suite includes antivirus, anti-spyware and a firewall
    amongst other tools. We also recommend that you ensure your wireless network has strong security
    settings and a good password.

    3. The email invitations for classes will only come from Dance Dedication and from this email
    address; Do not open any emails which appear to
    have any other title/senders address. Do not share the link for classes.

    4. By participating in the lesson you understand that we cannot completely control the peripheral
    activity in a home / place of transmission of the tutorial.

    5. Photographs may be taken only of the child taking part and NOT of the screen/Zoom transmission.
    The teachers of Dance Dedication are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage howsoever
    caused by participating with the online classes. All participants are to do so at their own risk and
    should do so under adult supervision.


    Please can you confirm that online classes will comply with all these conditions by filling in the
    following information:


    YES - I allow my child to participate in the online dance class/classes. I agree with the health and safety and precautions advised by Dance Dedication, and will ensure all safeguarding precautions are taken during my childs class/classes. I understand that the teachers of Dance Dedication are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage incurred during the class/classes and understand that a responsible adult should be present in the room at the same time.



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