For keen, talented dancers that want to do more!

This is a universal scheme on offer to all pupils who wish to improve and challenge themselves. The scheme will give pupils the opportunity to take an additional class in any genre whether the aim is to progress quicker in a single genre or across all genres they take.

The scheme will be open to any pupil taking graded Ballet, Tap and Modern classes who are interested in taking an additional class in any of the genres they currently take, therefore taking classes at both their current grade and the grade above.

Terms and Conditions of Aspire

This is not to be seen as a replacement of a student’s current class(es), but a means of taking an additional higher level class, so that they are getting to grips with the demands of the next level, prior to going in to it officially.

Aspire classes will be charged half termly at the usual class rate, and will be included in the multi- class discount scheme.

If at any time, particularly leading up to an exam, a student becomes confused between the exercises in their current Grade and the exercises in the higher Grade, we will recommend they stop until the exam is taken.

Notice to stop an Aspire class must be given the same as for any other class

For Ballet where 2 classes a week are recommended for a current grade, a student can only attend an Aspire class if they are attending both classes in their current grade. They cannot attend one class in their current grade and then the grade above.

It will be very important that Aspire students joining in with a higher level class are aware that the onus will be very much on them to be independent and self- disciplined learners, and use their own initiative to pick up the work, as the teacher will pace the class at the level of the current students.

Aspire classes are only on offer in Graded Ballet, Tap and Modern, NOT in Street or MT